Wednesday, February 18, 2004

According to Cinescape, Kevin Smith has been tapped to do a Green Hornet movie:

    Smith will write the script and direct the movie for Miramax Films as his next project, hoping to have the camera rolling by late summer. No stars are attached to the project so far but the CLERKS helmer thinks the idea of having George Clooney and Jet Li as the Hornet and Kato isn't such a bad idea.

    This marks the second time that Smith has worked on a superhero project for Hollywood, with his last experience being the disappointing SUPERMAN screenplay he submitted to producer Jon Peters. "I always said I'd never do one, based on my limited experience writing on SUPERMAN and having to answer to the studio, the producer, the comics company and eventually a director," Smith explained to Variety. "Then there's a fandom that gets up in arms if you even try to stray from their character." Since the Hornet has been relatively low key in the public and the genre, Smith will have a freedom for exploration and his own vision that won't step on too many toes.

I imagine the movie will consist largely of two-shots of Green Hornet and Kato arguing at paragraph-length in front of brick walls. Which would still be more interesting, visually, than the old Green Hornet series, which was a bigger teast than Lana Lang is on Smallville. It got you expecting action! and excitement! with that incredible theme music, and then showed you half an hour of middle-aged men in suits and car chases at 20 mph and Kato did all the real work, anyway.

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