Monday, March 14, 2005


Were the creators of Arrested Development big fans of Spike TV's two incarnations of The Joe Schmo Show? Several cast members have appeared on AD in recent episodes.

Bryce the Stalker from JS2 appeared in the background of an episode as a bartender at Lucille's country club. Last night, the actor who played Piper and Austin's fathers, also in JS2, was the emcee at Motherboy XXX, and the actor who played Molly The Virgin's boyfriend on the original JS was working the front desk of the Motherboy XXX hotel.

Other cast members keep popping up elsewhere. Lance Krall (AKA Kip The Gay Guy from the original Schmo played a used car dealer on last year's Monk season finale; the actress who played Ashleigh The Bitch on the original is appearing in some sort of feminine hygeine control product ad, and the actress who played Piper has been in an electric shaver ad. Jon Huertas, TJ The Playa from JS2, has a small part in Without A Trace several episodes ago.

All of which is quite nice for these actors, and it's nice to see them meeting some success beyond fake reality TV, but when will we see Kristen Wiig, AKA Doctor Pat, again?

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