Tuesday, June 21, 2005


David Poland puts his finger on the sheer ick factor of the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes coupling:
Tom Cruise is acting like a guy who walked into the casino, won huge, and is on a losing streak. The smaller the stack gets, the more desperate he is to play bigger and bigger amounts to get back the winnings he has "lost."
A 40-year-old man marrying a 24-year-old less than two months after they met is desperate. There is no other appropriate word. It doesn't matter if you are Tom Cruise or if you have a movie coming or whatever else.

Listening to a report of their engagement, at a press conference a reporter floated the question of whether they got engaged at the Eiffel Tower and they confirmed. Fuck! There is no way that was not a set up. The reporter was told and given the opportunity to ask the question, rather than Team Cruise sending out a press release. Double fuck! The reason so many people think it's movie promotion is that it has all the hallmarks of something so obvious that it can only sustain for a few months, like a movie promotional scheme.

I'm generally not one to take much of an interest in the private lives of celebrities -- I think the Brad'n'Jennifer divorce is sad, and the emaciation of Lindsay Lohan downright tragic, and that seeing such happenings as anything other than real events happening to real people is kind of unhealthy -- but Cruise's recent antics are making me rather irritated with myself for enjoying so many of his recent movies and thinking he was maturing into a really interesting actor.

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