Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Remember Sea Quest?

I don't know what's stranger, the fact that someone has written a very, very detailed analysis of why the early-90s TV series SeaQuest DSV failed, or the fact that it's written in a staccato prose style that's reminiscent of Hemingway as read by Shepard Smith:

Ground control to major the ratings. Except for MURDER. She still writes big ticket. SQ's budget gets bigger. Demographics get higher. But ratings still low. More sci-fi plots. Blow up ship. Redesign. Entire show. Rename title. Change cast. Alter uniforms. Remix music. Move to Florida. Scheider's had it. Bring in Michael Ironside. Focus still murky. All three years. Manic changes. Appears desperate. Save the whales? Or the universe? Keep Darwin? No matter. Watership down. Audience at bay. Dive. Dive. Dive. Cancelled. Lost at sea, though still loved by hardcore fans, surfers, now on the Web.

I never watched the show while it was on, but there was a string of several months in the year immediately after I graduated from college where I'd come home just as the Sci-Fi Channel was starting its 11 pm rerun of it (I vaguely recall the show being touted as a major acquisition for them, but I could very well be mistaken), and let its sheer sucktitude lull me to sleep. Then I'd go to work the next day and e-mail my friends about how much last night's episode of SeaQuest was. I'm feeling much better now.

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