Friday, December 09, 2005

Motes, planks, yada yada...

John Scalzi weighs in on the ridiculous "War on Christmas" (TM) kerfuffle, with the observation that some Christian megachurches will be closed on Christmas (which seems, to my Catholic eyes, to be especially heinous or amusing or both since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year):

This is definitely one of those "mote in the eye" moments for the Merry Christmas Militants. How can a certain breed of willfully excitable Christian tell the rest of the world that saying "Happy Holidays" is just like stabbing Jesus in the crotch, if some of their more casual Christ's Club, arena-filling brethren can't even bother to pop in at Mary and Joe's place on Christmas day, and send their greetings to the birthday boy? I mean, really, who's crotch-stabbing Jesus now?
So, to arms, you Merry Christmas Militants! Those lazy no-church-on-Christmas-Sunday so-called "Christians" are making a mockery of your cause and values! Quell these vipers in your midst! I think Bill O'Reilly bludgeoning the pastors of these churches with a peppermint-striped truncheon live on Fox News would be a wholesome and instructive start. It would really show everyone the spirit of the season -- or at the very least, the spirit some folks would like to see applied to the season, and those people are really the only people who count. And they wouldn't want these other "Christians" to make them look bad.

Christmas: If you're not with us, you're against us. Especially if you're Christian. Yes, yes. That's what Jesus was all about.

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