Friday, June 30, 2006

X-Men: Evolution

Lately we've been catching up with X-Men: Evolution via Netflix. This cartoon's a curious specimen; the high concept -- "It's the X-Men! And they're in high school!" -- sounds like the kind of thing a TV executive trying to appeal to The Young People would come up with after a three-martini lunch. But what could have been goofy instead has a charming earnestness to it, the character designs are stylized in a fun way, and the missteps (such as "Spyke," the lamest character ever) are outweighed by the good bits.

The DVDs, in lieu of commentaries, feature episode introductions by the creators of the series. Amusingly, they all look like they should be members of the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, not animators. That greatly entertains me, for some reason, and I like the idea of these guys knowing what they're trying to do and working really, really hard to do it well.

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