Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Entourage sucks.

So we've stopped watching it.

We'd grown steadily more and more tired of the show, as it went from a show about an up-and-coming actor and his friends to a parody of, well, nothing, really, and instead presented weekly installments of the consequence-free life of an actor and his remoras. The tipping point after several seasons of false drama -- in which situations are presented which we're told could have major negative consequences only to turn out fine through absolutely no action on the part of any of the characters in the series -- was the most recent episode about a bet over who could be first to have emotion-free sex with a strange woman, and was so unpleasant to watch that we decided the characters weren't worth inviting into our living room for half an hour each week.

Wish they'd spin off Ari and Lloyd into their own series, though...

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