Friday, October 26, 2007

Becoming Dexter

Jim Emerson takes a look at the tour-de-force that is the opening credits of Dexter, one of our favorite shows:

Creating, assembling, integrating, asserting, and maintaining a personality is routine for most of us, but there's no denying it's hard work. Some of us have to do it from scratch every day. That's what so chillingly magnificent about the opening credits sequence for Showtime's "Dexter." It shows a man putting himself together (piece by piece, close-up by close-up) in the course of enacting his morning rituals. Yes, there are plenty of playful groaners about knives, flesh, and blood. Dexter is a serial killer -- albeit one who's trying to use his control-freak instincts to keep his habit manageable, within certain ethical boundaries, even as he daylights in forensics for Miami homicide. (He's a blood-spatter expert, naturally.)

It's an amazing opening sequence that's unsettling enough that we to fast-forward through it most weeks.

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Simon said...

How odd. I keep seeing ads for this show on the Netflix envelopes that show up in our mail several times per week, but it has never interested me. And it still doesn't. But I must say, the opening credits are a bit unnerving, especially after having just watched some videos of gameplay from Manhunt 2.