Monday, November 17, 2003

COURTIER THE FIRST: Shall we inform the queen?

COURTIER THE SECOND: Inform the queen of what?

CTF: You know.

CTS. No, I don't.

CTF: Of course you do.

CTS: No, really, I don't know what you want to inform her of.

CTF: Well, it's sort of an emperor's new clothes sort of thing.

CTS: I thought you were talking about the queen.

CTF: I am.

CTS: You said emperor. Which one is this about, now?

CTF: It's a figure of speech. This is about the queen. Just have a look at her, OK?

CTS: She's not even queen anymore. She's a senator.

CTF: True, I suppose.

CTS: And even then she's just an actress. So what's she got us courtiers for?

CTF: Hmm. I suppose she doesn't.

CTS: So we don't even bloody exist?

CTF: I suppose not. The hell with it, then, I'm not telling her everyone can see her ta-tas.

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