Saturday, November 22, 2003

Two things occur to me about Peter David' latest attempt at political commentary, in which he takes George W. Bush to task for saying, in response to the protests in London, "I am so pleased to be going to a country which says that people are allowed to express their mind. That's fantastic. Freedom is a beautiful thing."

  1. A similar statement from a politician of whom David approved would no doubt be seen as a clever riposte that illustrates a deep and profound understanding of the pluralistic values that undergird a democracy.
  2. Bush's critics and opponents have been telling themselves that his comeuppance and exposure as The Absolute Worst Person Who Ever Lived In The History Of Ever is just around the corner for nearly a decade. Hasn't happened yet. Not that I'm any fan of Bush -- I voted against him twice in 2000 -- but maybe, just maybe, "Bush is the devil!" is not a winning campaign slogan.

I'm just sayin', here, is all.

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