Sunday, March 28, 2004

The Freaks and Geeks DVD set arrived in the mail yesterday, a few weeks ahead of schedule. We ordered the super-jumbo collector's edition, since the show is just that good. When we ordered, one of the extras promised for this set was described as a yearbook. Cool, I figured, a neat little book with some information about the show.


The set's packaging is a full-size McKinley High 1980-1981 yearbook, and the book itself is a nice thick one with articles by staff members, candid set photos, class pictures, and damn near anything else you can think of, down to "signed" end-papers from various characters from the show, to Sam on the front papers and to Lindsay on the back (and, good Lord, I hope Linda Cardellini is going to use the money she makes on crap like Scooby Doo 2 and ER to do something that does justice to her talents.

How much did Freaks and Geeks rock? Let me put it this way: Looking at the fake F&G yearbook gives me more warm and fuzzy feelings than looking at my own real-life yearbook ever will. I can't wait to dive into the set!

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