Wednesday, November 02, 2005

And still they rampage.

Fanboy Rampage may be no more, but there's no shortage of nuttiness from around the Internets. For instance:

  • The always-entertaining Monitor Duty's first item about George Takei's coming out has a headline that manages to include scare quotes, an ellipsis of fear, and a slash-mark of terror:
    Mr. Sulu... 'Comes Out' As Gay/Homosexual This Week

    Which is merely nutty. Then a followup item takes the author of the original to task for missing an opportunity for puns, and the orignal item's author then goes into a rant about gay marriage in Canada, which is apparently on the rampage (no pun intended) up there on the terrible tundra since Stan, Kyle, and Cartman deposed Saddam a few Christmases ago...
  • Here's a heated discussion about the lack of fat superheroes in comics.
  • And for good measure, John Byrne and Ethan Van Sciver argue about McCarthyism. Byrne's the sane one, for once.

Ah, Grim, we miss ye...

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