Thursday, March 16, 2006

Putting the "duh" in Dubya

The most entertaining results of a new poll showing, like so many other recent polls, that George W. Bush is -- as he should be -- very, very unpopular are respondents' descriptions of him:

But the most compelling part of the Pew survey was when Americans were asked to describe the president in a single word. Respondents volunteered answers, and were not offered words to choose from. They had some interesting responses.

A year ago, the top three responses were "honest," "good," and "integrity," in that order. Now, the top three are "incompetent," "good," and "idiot." (A close fourth was "liar.")

For a while, I've seen and heard Bush critics asking, "When is the public going to realize how awful the president is?" I think it's fair to say, we've reached that point.

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