Thursday, May 11, 2006

Showcase Presents Green Lantern

I recently got around to buying DC's Showcase collection of Green Lantern's earliest two dozen or so issues, and they're some of the most fun comics I've read in a while. There's always been something about the character that's appealed to me, even though my only stint as a regular reader was the Green Lantern Corps series that spun out of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Maybe the idea of getting a magic ring from a dying alien seemed more likely to happen to me than getting doused by chemicals or finding out I was an adopted alien, or maybe the almost literal wish-fulfillment aspect of the character got to me; I can't really say. And these stories are terrific -- short puzzle and action stories with really nice art from Gil Kane as he evolved into the style we all remember him for, and featuring an amusing spin on the secret identity concept in that the already-cool Hal Jordan can't measure up to the coolness of his alter ego. I know it's unlikely, but I'd really like to see this volume continue all the way up to the end of the series with issue #225. It would only take, oh, eleven or twelve volumes...

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