Thursday, May 04, 2006

The thing about the inevitable is that it always winds up happening sooner or later

The original, theatrical cuts of the Star Wars trilogy are finally coming to DVD:

In response to overwhelming demand, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release attractively priced individual two-disc releases of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Each release includes the 2004 digitally remastered version of the movie and, as bonus material, the theatrical edition of the film. That means you'll be able to enjoy Star Wars as it first appeared in 1977, Empire in 1980, and Jedi in 1983.

This release will only be available for a limited time: from September 12th to December 31st. International release will follow on or about the same day. Each original theatrical version will feature Dolby 2.0 Surround sound, close-captioning, and subtitles in English, French and Spanish for their U.S. release. International sound and subtitling vary by territory.

I'm very, very glad that I never got around to buying the previous DVD release. Or the old VHS copies I keep seeing at Half-Price Books.

You may remember that I pretty much called this one:

...for all of George Lucas' protestations to the contrary, that a DVD release of the theatrical cuts of the original Star Wars trilogy will probably come in 2007. That year will be the 30th anniversary of the first movie's release and provides a perfect opportunity for a "because you demanded it..." non-apology.

Of course, I was off a year, since this comes in 2006 rather than 2007. My guess is that 2007 will instead see an omnibus DVD set of all six movies.

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