Monday, September 25, 2006

Random TV thoughts

  • I really, really, really hope Kevin Federline wasn't taking notes on last week's episode of Law & Order.
  • Following the recent cast purge, are there any SNL cast members beside Darrel Hammond left who aren't covered by the new, more restrictive contracts instituted a few years ago?
  • I enjoy Scrubs but can't stand the whiny Elliot Reed or the butterfaced (in the more literal sense of the word, i.e., her face sort of looks like it's made of butter) Sarah Chalke, the actress who plays her. Watching Without A Trace last night, I wish they'd cast Poppy Montgomery in the role instead.
  • Heroes isn't going to be very good at all, is it?
  • But it will still probably be better than the new season of Smallville.
  • The Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo movie was a much better ending for the series than was the strangely melancholy actual final episode of the show. But how do you make a Teen Titans movie without including an unadulterated version of that awesome theme music?
  • Thank God we don't have to see Gil Grissom's weird, immaculately manscaped facial hair any more on CSI. What was up with that?
  • We're now up to three shows a week where we have to record whatever comes after them to make sure we can see the whole episode. Two of these are due to the perversities of network programmers; the third is because of football. Why is that sport, alone among them, allowed to run over its alloted time on a routine basis? Jerks.

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