Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Final thoughts on the recall

1. How did Davis and Bustamante ever get elected to anything in the first place? Watching these guys has been like watching paint dry. Smarmy, sanctimonious, condescending paint. It's not that they have no personalities, it's that if they had no personalities they'd be better off. How come what's arguably our most interesting state produces such bland pols? California's politicians should be able to give New York's a run for their money on the sheer weirdness and entertainment scale.

2. If Schwarzenegger gets elected, he'll owe at least some thanks to Bill Clinton and his apologists, who spent years telling us personal conduct doesn't matter.

3. If Davis wins, we'll be treated to the sorry spectacle of him saying "Hasta la vista!" in his speech. We'll also probably get to hear Schwarzenegger say "I'll be back" again, maybe to make up for the fact that he didn't say it (IIRC) in TERMINATOR 3.

4. If Schwarzenegger wins he'll also, probably, say "Hasta la vista" in his speech. He'll also be able to go to Kennedy family events and make fun of all the actual Kennedys who have lost elections in the last few years.

5. This recall was fun. Can we have another one?

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