Friday, October 31, 2003

Geoff Duncan of writes a love letter to Cartoon Network's Teen Titans series:

    Teen Titans' production style differs radically from other animated series derived from DC Comics, like the various Batman series, Superman, and the currently-airing Justice League: in fact, it owes as much to Pokémon as to the original comics and other WB animated superhero shows. For diehard fans of the original comics, this alone is cause to dismiss the series outright: they might concede Japanese anime can have merit, but an Americanization of Japanese anime for kids? No way. And taking major liberties with their oh-so-favorite characters? Bzzt. Two thumbs down. And I'm sure all those people have written their snotty opinions on snotty bulletin boards on (other) snotty Web sites.

    Meanwhile, I'm sure kids are eating up Teen Titans faster than a box of sugar puffs. Even I think it's great, and I say that having never been much of a comic book or anime fan. Teen Titans works because it's not afraid to be silly, it's not afraid to be serious, it treats its characters with respect, and -- most importantly -- because it's not trying too hard.

What he said. As much as I enjoy the show, I wish it had been around when I was the age of its target audience.

Meanwhile, Teevee's sidebar blog has a snarky comment about FOX's Eliza Dushku vehicle Tru Calling. I caught about three minutes of that last night, and, Lordy, that girl can't act. She can't act so badly that you can tell she can't act while she's walking down a hallway. Plus, she has the stupidest actress name since Calista Flockhart.

Still, I'm not rooting for her show to fail, if only because I want her too busy to show up on Angel ever again...

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