Sunday, May 02, 2004

Jim Treacher has posted a pretty comprehensive review of the revelation that Micah Wright is a big fat lying liar who lies. So go read him for all the details.

I think the funniest part of the whole thing is not Wright's pathetic attempt to change the subject to media credulity and George W. Bush, nor his straight-faced declaration that he chose to come clean on the eve of a Washington Post article about his being a lying liar who lies out of the goodness of his heart, nor even Newsarama's toady-like willingness to run one of Wright's lame "remixed" war propaganda posters in its article about his announcement, but the fact that Wright was caught not by the likes of Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein or even Joel Achenbach, but by the Post's frickin' gossip columnist. That's like being busted by the ex-hippie art teacher instead of the vice-principal; your lameness is exposed by the lameness of he who busted you.

I'll also be curious to see how the Pulse, which featured a credulous, head-shaking, "we're so much smarter than everyone who disagrees with us" intervew with Wright last year covers the story.

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