Sunday, May 02, 2004

Kurt Busiek smacks down Micah Wright:

    You've already confessed to being a liar after years of insisting that you were telling the truth. Every time you insist that people take your word for something now, whether it's that you got death threats so they shouldn't judge you or that you came forward first and the Post is therefore lying or that all your friends told you to post self-serving shit about how Big Media should have checked up on you, all you're doing is making another claim with no credibility behind it. Could be so, could be no -- but you have no standing to say, "trust me, it happened the way I say it did." You burned that platform yourself, and got attention and money in the process.


    You didn't "make it all better" by admitting the truth. That it was the right thing to do doesn't mean that it balances out doing the wrong thing, or that it erases the damage other people have and will endure due to your actions.

    Just shut up for a while and let people throw bricks at you for your stupid behavior. You earned them.

I always did like that Busiek fella.

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