Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Leggo my logo!

I don't have much of a reaction, positive or negative, to the announcement of DC's new corporate logo, save that it's a little more unwieldly than the old one in that it's not contained in a nice, simple circle. My question is this: Will the logo change on DC's archival collections as well? Because that would really suck; I'd hate to have, say, 12 volumes of the Legion of Super-Heroes archives with the old logo and then the rest with the newer one. Or, worse, for the logo to change on subsequent printings of the archives volumes, so that if I ever get around to buying volumes 5 and 9 of the Legion series (one of the joys of only buying DC archives when they're on huge sales is that, with longer series, one catches as catch can), they'll have the new logo on their spines and stick out like sore thumbs amid the volumes with the old one.

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