Friday, May 20, 2005

Lucas, you fool!

One of the more reliable forms of entertainment in these troubled times is watching conservatives freak out at any hint of apostasy in popular culture; very often the spectacle of one of these folks screaming "INFIDEL!" is as entertaining as (or moreso than) the original. You know what I mean: Like when an episode of 24 depicts a Muslim who isn't a terrorist, or when there's an issue of Green Lantern with the invidious message that Beating Up Gay People For Being Gay Is Wrong, and that sort of thing.

The wingnuts are out in full force over Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, of course, and Roy Edroso deserves combat pay for actually wading through all of this bilge to pick out the funniest bits and mocking them, cruelly. Another criticism I thought was hysterical came from the ever-amusing Monitor Duty, wherein it was alleged that "Lucas seems obsessed a touch too much in Eastern religions and philosophies to fully connect with a Judeo-Christian-influenced American audience."

And, really, I can see what this guy is talking about -- I mean, the Star Wars films have really been held back by this sort of thing. That's why American audiences have only paid $1,802,341,185 to see the first five Star Wars movies, after all, and it's kept the total merchandising sales to only a million bajillion dollars or so. If only the movies had been more Judeo-Christian friendly, and had less of those darn Eastern religions and philosophies in 'em, they could have made two million bajillion dollars, I'll bet!

(For the record, I enjoyed the hell out of the movie; it more than exceeded my expectations and justified the renewed excitement I felt about the movie in the wake of the wonderful Clone Wars cartoons. I want to see what Lucas does next; I'd love to see him take his CGI technology and apply it to a musical...)

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