Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mitt Romney: WTF?

Can someone please explain the rationale for Mitt Romney's presidential candidacy to me?

Here's a guy whose resume consists of 1) being the son of a presidential candidate who gaffed himself out of the running in 1968; 2) losing a Senate race to Ted Kennedy in 1994; 3) running the Winter Olympics; and 4) one term as governor of Massachusetts, where he didn't seek a second for fear that he'd lose and thus torpedo his presidential ambitions (cf George Felix Allen, Jr.).

Oh, and 5) he's handsome. In a blandly inoffensive way.

I mean, that's it. Granted, my preferred candidate for 2008 was Mark Warner, himself a one-term governor, but at least in his case he was, like all Virginia governors, barred from seeking a second consecutive term -- plus he had a stratospheric approval rating, solid accomplishments in office, and rebuilt the state's Democratic party with wins by Tim Kaine in last year's governor's race and Jim Webb in this year's Senate race.

So I ask: WTF? Who is clamoring for a Romney candidacy, and what does he offer that another candidate with an actual record doesn't also bring to the table?

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