Monday, January 19, 2004

Well, I got the top right. The actual Iowa results as of now:

 Iowa Caucuses
Updated 11:06 PM ETPrecincts: 97%
  Kerry 1,12837.7% 
  Edwards 95431.9% 
  Dean 54018.0% 
  Gephardt 31510.5% 
  Other 571.9% 
Full ResultsSource: AP

Edwards did better and Dean and Gephardt did worse than I guessed. Should get interesting from here -- Gephardt is dropping out and if Dean does poorly in New Hampshire he'll be hard pressed to continue, I suspect. I'm wondering if Edwards can hang on until the southern primaries; I still think he could be the best chance in November.

And, by the way, Howard Dean's coming out to give his speech while John Edwards -- who, y'know, did far, far better than Dean did -- was still giving his speech was a world-class asshat move. So I'm amused by all the fun Jeff Jarvis is having at Dean's expense.

Josh Marshall has some insights, which I found via Jarvis, on the Dean slippage.

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